Open Air Booth

wedding photo booth in santa rosa

Enclosed Canopy

Inflatable Booth

Flower Wall

Flower wall photo booth

Gif Booth

corporate activation photo booth

Green Screen

brand activation green screen

How To Choose The Right Booth For You?

To be honest, all booth styles are fun, and it really doesn't matter which one you book with us, your guest will have a great time. However, here are a few points to consider when choosing a booth style.

Open Air Booth

  • More space for bigger group shots, and crazy poses. 
  • Space allows for 6-10 guest, comfortably (16 is our record)
  • There is a show at all times, as your guest become performers.
  • Best flow for more pictures per hour
  • Versatile for any event type. Outdoor and Indoor. 

Enclosed Canopy Booth

  • Privacy. If you have a shy group, this is a great option.
  • Enough space for 4-6 guest, comfortably. 
  • Not recommended for outdoor events during hot months. 
  • The privacy allows for funniest of faces

Inflatable Booth

  • Party, party, party... the flashing lights get the party started!
  • Although not fully enclosed, it does offer a level of privacy.
  • Not recommended for outdoor events during hot months.
  • Eye catching... no need to announce the photo booth.  

Other Styles

  • Same features as the Open Air Booth
  • Green Screen-  is fun, interactive and creative
  • Flower Wall-  refers to the backdrop to the Open Air Style, brides love it.
  • Gif Booth- All digital and more interactive. Gifs, boomerangs, videos, virtual props, filters, but no prints.

Ultimately, the perfect photo booth for you is the one that enhances the experience of your guest without compromising your event's look and feel.