On A Budget? Have The Photo Booth Pay For Itself

Ironically, I did not have a photo booth for my wedding (Of course, that was before we started Blooming Photo Booth), due to my budget. If am honest with you, I regret not having a photo booth for my wedding.

Believe me, if you are in a budget, I completely understand your situation. However, you are already spending a lot of money for your wedding and the budget, well, most likely you will be breaking it with or without the photo booth. Just get it, you will thank me later when you see the fun your guest will have, when you hear everyone talking about the booth, and posting their photo booth images on social media with a description of how awesome it was.

Here are a few ways you can have the photo booth virtually help you pay for itself.

1. It makes the perfect wedding favor

I remember spending $3.00 per wedding favor, and we had 150 guest, so we purchased 150 favors. Giving us a total of $450. It was a cute mini gift box (white with a silver ribbon) with chocolates and a small candle inside. The purpose for the wedding favor is to thank your guest for being part of your celebration and give them a lasting memory of your wedding, sadly, it hardly happens the way it was meant to be. At the end of our wedding, I noticed that at least a third of the favors were left on the tables. I don’t even want to touch on how many favors end up in the garbage within a week from your wedding, but let me ask you a question, Do you have the wedding favor from the last wedding you went to, or know exactly where it is? Of course not. The Photo Booth can help you here and make it better. Our photo booths provide your guest with a photo print that is personalized with your theme,  names and date. Not only that, but it will have your guests’ pictures pasted on that print, making it impossible to end up in the garbage like other wedding favors.  In fact, your new wedding favors will end up on your guests’ fridge’s doors or work desks for a really long time. It will not only give them a lasting memory of your wedding but the fun they had that day.  Your photo booth just helped you save $1-5 per guest and in some cases, with personalized favors even more.

2. Signature book

I think I only went through half of the signatures and messages from my custom engraved signature book that we paid $100 for (not as expensive as others I have seen), and I don’t think I have touch it since then. Do you really need a signature book? You do, but not the traditional signature book. What you need is a signature book on steroids. We will provide you with a guest book in which your guest will paste one print of their booth photos, then leave a short message and signature. We also provide pens, glue, table and attendant to help guest with the pasting and keeping things organized. Believe me,  you will want to see your guest book many times, and show it to your friends and family when they come to visit. Your photo booth can save you $49-$150  with the provided photo book.

3. Best thank you card…

This would be the same idea as the wedding favor but it applies to many other event types. The photo prints can be personalized to include a short thank you message, eliminating the need to print hundreds of thank you cards. This not only saves you money, but also time. This saves you $20-$100 by using the prints with a thank you message.

4. Get sponsored

It is easier than you think. This is  more common on public events where the print real estate is used to add logos, coupons, and other ways that benefit the sponsoring party. However, I have seen many brides and quinceañeras having someone sponsoring the booth. Whether you have someone, sponsoring full or partial payment for the photo booth, there is always a way to honor them. If you would like a sheet that explains the benefits of sponsoring a photo booth, make sure to send me an email, an I will gladly help you out.

5. Black-Mailing Money from the crazy pictures in the booth…

OK, OK… I am just kidding about this one, don’t start getting ideas.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope it helps you get the photo booth for your event. Believe me, it is so much fun that it makes it worth every penny spent. I made the mistake of blaming the budget for not having one, and I still regret it. Don’t do the same.

Best vibes,

Juan Alonso.