Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit in the booth?

Enclosed photo booths have enough space to handle up to 10 people, while open air booths can fit more people in the shot but 10 is always the recommended maximum

How much space will the booth need? 

For a better guest experience, we recommend a space of 10’x10′ but a minimum of 6’x 10′ is required.

When will guest get their prints?

Photos will be printed immediately after each session. It takes 12 seconds to print, therefore your guest will receive their copies right after exiting the booth.

Can the photo booth be outdoors?

All photo booth we offer may operate outdoors as long as they are protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather.

How many prints will guest receive? 

Your guest will receive either 1 (4″x6″) or 2- (2″x6″) print/s according to previously selected by host. (More copies may be provided upon request)

Can I rent the booth for 1 hour?

Based on our experience 1 hour is not enough time to really take the most out of your rental, but if your time is limited and 1 hour is all you really need, we can accommodate and come up with a plan for you.

Is Black & White prints available?

Yes, our booth software has multiple photo filters including black/white, retro, sepia.

Do I need to bring my own props?

No you don’t need to bring anything, we will provide everything needed to make your photo booth experience  worry free, but if you want to bring extra props, they are welcomed.

Do you have a contract?

Yes, copy of contract agreement can be emailed for review upon request.

What is your cancellation policy?

Details are discussed in contract agreement, please email us to receive a copy. In short, cancellation within 14 days before event may be subject to fees.

What happens to the images after event?

All digital images will be uploaded to a protected online gallery. You and your guest may access gallery and download/ print images. Rights to the images is discussed in contract.

May you have other questions please email or call us.