5 questions you need to ask before you book a photo booth!

1. Show me the booth… What does it really look like? 

With the popularity of photo booths in all types of events, more and more photo booth companies join the industry. Unfortunately, most photo booth companies don’t show their booths, and many, only have a tripod camera setup with a backdrop. In fact, I have also seen an Ipad with front face camera on top of a table being called a photo booth. At Blooming Photo Booth, we offer a variety of setups; Open-air booth, Enclosed canopy booth, Inflatable lighted booth, Gif booth, Celebrity vip entrance booth, Flower wall booth, and many other backdrop styles. This versatility allows us to offer you exactly what you need. We are very proud of our booth looks and will always show you what they look like!  Check out our full list of styles here.

Flower wall for weddings

2. Tell me the truth… Is that the total price or are there hidden or extra fees?

With many photo booth companies racing to the lowest price, it is common to see a price or a “deal” being advertise and later add extra fees. Some examples are: mileage, prop box, setup/breakdown, delivery, etc… We will never give you a surprise charge. The quote we give you is the one you pay, period. No hidden fees.

3. Are the prints fully customizable?  

Most photo booth companies advertise their “customizable prints” only to disappoint you with, “am sorry, we can only change the text on the strips”. Our in house graphic designer will fully customize your prints, allowing you to personalize backgrounds, images, text, colors, fonts, shapes, to make them truly you.

photo botoh in wine country events

4. Can your booth do that?

Sure, taking regular photos and getting a photo strip is fun, but if you really want to Wow! your guest, you want to give them the newest in photo booth technologies. We not only offer photos and prints, but we give you many modern options like: Different print sizes, picture enhancing filters, ability to receive digital images instantly to your phone, video booth (video messages taken from the booth), GIFS, Boomerangs and other options See more features here...  

5. Are you Insured?

Nothing bad can happen, they say… Sure, but accidents don’t give warnings. Not to mention that many event venues require that all vendors be insured. You don’t want your photo booth to be stopped at the venue’s doors, do you? At Blooming Photo Booth, we are fully insured to give you peace of mind, and us too.

Have any other questions, or would like to know more?

Contact me at 707-480-8186 or by email at bloomingphotobooth@gmail.com, and I will gladly answer any questions, or give you advise, even if you don't book with us!