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We provide a variety of photo booth styles which allows us to service from a small social gathering to weddings and corporate events. 



The Tower

open air photo booth in santa rosa

This is the main component to all photo booth setups.

The tower holds all the electronics.

We have hand picked each and every component in the photo tower to ensure the best quality available.

From the DSLR camera and professional grade flash, to the lab quality printer and commercial grade touch screen.





Open-Air Photo Booth


Open-air photo booths consist of the photo tower alone without any type of enclosure.

Everyone can see what is going on while guest pose away.

We offer two samples of open-air booths (but not limited to).

Photo tower and  prop table (pictured prop table is only a portion of the props offered), in which the party or any view in front of the tower becomes the background of the picture.

Open-air booth with backdrop. We add your choice of backdrop to the booth tower.




Enclosed Photo Booth



Our enclosed photo booths offer the privacy for the shy to make the funniest of faces.

We use a 5×5 ft canopy for our enclosure, which provides plenty of space for up to 10 people in the pictures.

Guest will come in the canopy see the photo tower, interact with the touch screen, pose, enjoy the flashes and come out to receive their prints.

We offer different curtain colors and accessories to make the photo booth match your event theme. From the Tuxedo wedding style to the VIP Entrance style booth.





Lighted VIP Photo Booth



Same philosophy as the enclosed photo booth, but a more modern look and feel.

High quality inflatable cube “room”. Equipped with embedded LEDs to light up the booth. 16 colors to choose from.

We add accessories like the VIP entrance to add more fun.





Call us to find out what we can do for you and how we can adjust to your event…