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Category: Choosing a Photo Booth

Best Photo Booth in Sonoma County | North Bay Rentals

Watch the video below to see the best photo booth in Sonoma County for your event. Whether you are having a casual private party, your wedding, or your business activation; we will make sure your guest remember the awesome time they had.

On A Budget? Have The Photo Booth Pay For Itself

Ironically, I did not have a photo booth for my wedding (Of course, that was before we started Blooming Photo Booth), due to my budget. If am honest with you, I regret not having a photo booth for my wedding. Believe me, if you are in a budget, I completely understand your situation. However, you

5 Questions To Ask The Photo Booth Company Before You Book

  You are stressed about the perfection of your event, the big day is coming faster than you thought, there are hundreds of things going through your mind, and you forget to ask some very important questions. Here are 5 questions that you definitely need to ask your photo booth provider before you book. 1.